Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New CD by Dynamic Expressions

 A word from the artists!

Sample Tracks for CD

Cover by Andre Lee

Chris Wright

What describes Chris Wright? He is a singer, dancer, and scholar. You could say that he is an all-around artist! This recent Macon State College grad (Cum Laude Dean's List Scholar) is looking to take over the world of music creating a mix of different genres with his amazing vocals that garnered him the name “Georgia Crooner”. He has released his first single Obsession (Confession) (feat. Egypt and Floco Torres) which is the lead up to his EP Tale of Two Cities & Beyond! For this Artist, the sky is not the limit but only the beginning.



Almost every adolescent struggles with wanting to be accepted, embraced and a part of the crowd. For this 23 year-old Christian singer-songwriter, learning to accept being different took a while. Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, Logan~Tru began singing in church and school events at the tender age of twelve, but struggled between secular and Christian music throughout her teenage years. She battled back and forth between the two worlds only to find that her spiritual growth and love for Jesus would soon end that struggle. She states, "I didn't want to sing Christian music at first. I ran from it, but at the same time I knew that singing and writing for God helped me get through life." Today, with the help of God and her family, Logan~Tru continues to create music based on her faith while growing eager to share her signature sound and testimony to those who have ears to listen.

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Egypt is just an ordinary girl with celebrity dreams.



Julian is from Jesup, Georgia. Julian is a writer. Julian is multitalented. Julian also does music. Julian loves short sentences.

Drew Smith

Now at the age of 23, William “Drew” Smith is establishing a following in the Middle Georiga and Atlanta area. He has done numerous open mics and talent showcases throughout the southeast including; The Atlanta Factor, Eddie’s Attic, The Midtown Keyclub of Macon Georiga, just to name a few. His music is his therapy; some draw, some write, but Drew utilizes the gifts bestowed upon him to craft the music and he hopes the listener can experience the same sensations that he has experienced when he creates his music.


Andre Lee

Andre has a passion for drawing and the fine arts but aside from the sketch pad in his spare time he likes to go on long walks through the woods and be apart of nature. He also enjoys fashion, makeup and offering sound advice. Andre is taking up Art at MSC and is looking forward to sharing more of what he has to offer in the future.

Tishka Davis

Tishka moved from the Bahamas in fall of 2009 to attend MSC and so far her experience at Macon has been amazing. She enjoys being an IT major and aside from dabbling with computers she loves to write. Although she mostly writes for her own enjoyment, most of her poetry thus far has been published. Her poem “The Portrait” can be found in the 2011 edition of the Fall Line Review and she has also had a number of her poems published in “Works With Friends” by the Macon Writers Group. Tishka plans to publish more in the near future.